Taking a Handle of Your Spring Cleaning

It may not feel like it everywhere, but spring is here! In addition to longer days of sunlight and blooming flowers, the start of spring tends to be a common time of the year for people to clean and organize their home.

If you plan to do your own spring-cleaning, make sure you consider your plastic bags as a helpful item (you may even find some that you forgot that you had stored while cleaning) to use throughout the house. In addition to carrying your purchases home, your plastic bags can be reused for a number of ways while you clean including:

  • Temporarily storing items you find while you clean
  • Lining waste baskets
  • Serving as a trash bag while you clean
  • Store other plastic bags you find while cleaning

If you find that you have more than enough plastic bags or other recyclable films, gather them so that you can take them to a nearby drop-off bin.  Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try to use some plastic bags for a craft. No matter what you decide, remember to reuse or recycle your plastic bags.

Happy spring cleaning!