Summer R&R

The weather is warming up, many students have completed their school-year (or will be soon), and the anticipation of upcoming vacations is building for many. That’s right – summer is here. And while many folks are looking forward to this time to catch up on a little “R and R,” I challenge you to take a new approach to this meaning.

Remember to reuse and recycle all your stored plastic bags during the summer months. It’s easy to forget about such an efficient item when you have other fun plans to look forward to. But adding plastic bags into these plans is easier than you may think! Check out these ideas:

  • Thinking about going to the beach or pool? Keep a plastic bag with you to put wet items to keep your other items dry.
  • Going on a road trip? Reuse a plastic bag to collect any trash that accumulates en route. Plastic bags can also be used as a trash bags for any events such as concerts, picnics or even on a camping trip.
  • Do you like to fish? Bring a plastic bags to carry any wet items, or any other items you may need during your excursion.

Check out this list for more great ideas for reusing plastic bags.

In addition to reusing your plastic bags, remember to take them with you to your local grocer (or another location that accepts plastic bags) so that they can be recycled. You should pat yourself on your back if you decide to participate in this type of “R and R,” as you will be getting the most out of your plastic bags, and have the satisfaction of knowing that they will be recycled into a number of other useful items!

Enjoy your summer, everyone!