Reusing Plastic Bags in the Summer

Do you reuse your plastic bags?  I bet you do! Recent studies have shown that about 90% of American households reuse some of their plastic bags and that more than 60% of all plastic bags are reused at least once.

Americans throughout the United States reuse their plastic bags in many different ways. Now that summer has officially started, I thought I would share a few reuse options that I find particularly useful when temperatures rise and I begin to spend more time outdoors. You can reuse your plastic bags…

  • To carry a wet swimsuit home from the pool
  • To bring food to the park for a picnic
  • To use as a trashcan while at the park
  • To carry sandy beach toys
  • To bring blankets to a summer concert
  • To clean up after your dog at the park
  • To wrap ice packs and control condensation
  • To separate dirty and clean clothes in your suitcase while traveling
  • To hold vegetables gathered while gardening

As always, after you have reused your bags remember to bring the plastic bags back to your local supermarket for recycling.

What other ways do you reuse your plastic bags during the summer? Let us know and we’ll add your ideas to the list. Enjoy your summer and remember to always reduce, reuse and recycle!