Quality of Plastic Bags

At Hilex, we produce a variety of products with varying durability, flexibility, size and strength to meet a wide assortment of retailer and consumer needs. For example, if a consumer needs a plastic bag to hold and protect lightweight produce, our QuickStar self-opening, tab-less produce bags are an ease to use and a cost-effective solution for any grocer. On the other hand, nursery and garden centers often find a heavier-duty product, like our Hilex Trunk Liners, is the key to protecting consumer trunks and floors from dirt as they load and transport their purchases.

Producing high quality plastic bags is not only good business, but also a key sustainability practice. As part of Hilex’s Bag Reduction Program, our initiative to eliminate the improper or unnecessary use of plastic bags, we design and produce high quality bags well-suited for specific retail situations. Eliminating bag waste resulting from malfunctions (ripping or tearing during use) reduces overall waste. Plus you’ll also never need to “double bag” at checkout. Fewer bags per customer also means savings for the retailer and a good quality bag can be reused over and over again by consumers.

That’s why, at Hilex, we produce a variety of bags to meet retailers’ and their customers’ varied needs. Making an appropriate selection means savings, less waste and ultimately, a cleaner environment.