One Year Anniversary of Our Environmental Blogger Tour!

It has been just about a year since I hosted a group of environmental bloggers at Hilex Poly’s recycling facility in North Vernon, Indiana – the largest closed loop plastic bag recycling facility in the world. While at our recycling facility, the bloggers had the opportunity to experience the process, people and the approach Hilex takes to plastic bag recycling.

This tour provided a great way for the environmental journalists to gain a first-hand understanding of why plastic bag recycling is important. On the tour, the bloggers had the opportunity to see our entire recycling process from the unloading of bales of plastic bags to the final printing of new, gray recycled plastic grocery bags. Many of the bloggers showed a keen interest in learning about Hilex’s plastic bag recycling process. They captured photos and videos, like this awesome video from Earth911 included below, documenting the experience and providing readers with detailed information about how our facility operates. One thing I won’t forget is how many of the bloggers were surprised at the sheer quantity of bags that are being recycled on a daily basis!

Our visitors also had the opportunity to speak with many of our employees, who provided great insights about Hilex’s Bag-2-Bag recycling program, which diverts millions of pounds of PE plastic bags, wraps and sacks from landfills each year and requires 20% less energy to produce and lowers carbon emissions by 11% than the production of conventional bags. Many of our employees, who are at the center of our recycling process, whole-heartedly explained that the ability for our industry to recycle more than 900 million pounds of post-consumer plastic bags, sacks and wraps in 2012 is due to a successful partnership between plastic bag recyclers and consumers; the better consumers are at recycling, the more productive and sustainable the plastic bag recycling industry can be. This relationship was something the group sincerely appreciated.

Are you interested in visiting our recycling facility to write about the process for your publication? We would be more than happy to give you a first-hand look at the plastic bag recycling process. If you’re interested, please contact us to set up a tour.