Improvements to Plastic Bags Over the Past 35+ Years

Plastic bags have been around for more than 35 years. During that time, our industry has taken great strides in improving plastic bags that have influenced the structure of the retail industry and have allowed bags to become increasingly useful for consumers. Thanks to innovation within the industry, plastic bags now include the following benefits:

  • Reduce – Since plastic bags were introduced into the USA market, innovations have enabled manufacturers to remove over half of the plastic in the bag while increasing its overall strength.
  • Reuse – Plastic bags provide many use and reuse options for the consumer. According to an APCO study, about 90 percent of American households reuse some of their plastic bags.
  • Recycle – No need to throw away plastic bags since they are recyclable. In fact, millions of pounds of bags are recycled each year through recycling programs with retailers that have recycling bins solely for plastic bags, sacks and wraps.
  • Redesign with recycled material – Plastic bags can now be produced partially or completely from recycled resin. These bags are grey, tan or blue and the more recycled resin a bag contains, the darker the color of the bag will be.
  • Sterile – The plastic bag industry takes provide in providing safe, clean bags for consumers. Plastic bags also do not pose the potential health risks associated with alternatives, such as toxic lead and bacterial contamination associated with “reusable bags”.
  • Different color film – Plastic bags are now available in every imaginable color of film.
  • Less space – Plastic bags, because of their small, compact casing size take up very little space in inventory and shipments – seven (7) times less space than paper grocery sacks.
  • Faster check out – With the rack and the bag connected to each other and the check-stand, everything is right at your disposal.
  • Ergonomically safe – Plastic bag racks are adjustable to the check-stands, which reduces physical stress on employees.
  • Extra-strong – Plastic bags have more than enough strength to carry the heaviest of grocery loads, up to 25 pounds.
  • Moisture proof – Plastic bags protect groceries from wet stormy weather, and isolate wet grocery items.
  • Lower cost – Plastic bags have saved retailers millions of dollars compared to alternatives.

We are proud of the advances the plastic bag industry has made over the past 35 years. In the future, we hope to help initiate additional improvements to make plastic bags even more beneficial to the retail industry, consumers, the environment and more!