Hilex Poly Welcomed at Kiwanis Club of Hartsville, South Carolina


Being the director of sustainability and marketing for Hilex Poly comes with many great responsibilities. In addition to being responsible for many aspects of product development, one of the most rewarding responsibilities of my job is visiting stakeholders around the country to discuss all the news and innovation occurring at Hilex and in the world of plastic bag recycling.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Kiwanis Club of Hartsville, South Carolina, a few weeks ago. Being that Hilex is headquartered in Hartsville, this visit was particularly rewarding for me. While I have enjoyed all of my travels discussing plastic bag manufacturing and recycling, being able to connect with one of the leading organizations in the area is not only a delightful opportunity but also a great honor for me.

During my visit, we discussed many topics including:

• The thousands of jobs our industry support across the United States

• Documented increases in plastic bag recycling

• Hilex’s Bag-2-Bag Recycling program

• The many benefits of plastic bags when compared to other common alternatives

I am very proud of the accomplishments Hilex has achieved as an environmentally-conscious manufacturer and recycler and the gains we’ve made in recycling over time. Therefore I was delighted by the positive feedback that I received from attendees who were surprised and pleased to learn about the environmental benefits of plastic bags when compared the costs of paper and reusable bags (you can see a portion of my presentation below).

I would like to thank the Kiwanis Club of Hartsville for inviting me to join them and for engaging in such a thoughtful discussion.