Hilex Poly Helps Teams Get On The Field

I receive a lot of emails throughout the day, but the most enjoyable and refreshing emails are ones that come from local groups looking to make a difference in their communities. While we can’t always help every single group, we try our best to help when we can. The most recent call came from the folks over at the Braddock Road Youth Club, where the staff has been reusing newspaper delivery bags to distribute soccer uniforms to each player. They know that it is important to try to reuse plastic bags and other goods in order to cut down on waste and litter.

The Braddock Road Youth Club wrote to request a donation of plastic bags to use for the upcoming season’s uniform distribution. Hilex is proud to help support this program and supply bags to help get those uniforms out to the players, just as we have supported other programs in the past.

I am tremendously proud to be a part of a company that supports community programs like the Braddock Road Youth Club. Hilex values the opportunity to support these programs, especially ones that understand the value of reusing and recycling plastic bags. So if you know anyone involved in the Braddock Road Youth Club, or any other groups that are reusing and recycling bags, make sure you thank them for helping the environment!