Welcome to the Hilex Poly Corporate Blog

Welcome to the Hilex Poly blog, a place to learn about the latest happenings within the company, hear from the employees who work at our manufacturing and recycling facilities, discover the latest technology within the plastic manufacturing and recycling industries and much more.

But first, what is Hilex Poly all about? Hilex is manufacturer of plastic bag and film products, focusing primarily on high density polyethylene (HDPE) film products and related services. Our products range from bagging systems you see in your local grocery store to packaging films that encase many of your everyday items.

But Hilex Poly is also a responsible company with a clear sustainability goal established through a viable environmental program and product line. In fact, Hilex Poly operates the world’s largest closed loop plastic bag recycling facility in North Vernon, Indiana!

Through this blog you will learn about all facets of Hilex Poly’s business through the eyes of our employees. While Hilex Poly is headquartered in Hartsville, South Carolina, you’ll hear from employees from the 9 manufacturing facilities and recycling plant located across the United States as well. Let us introduce you to a few of the bloggers you’ll be hearing from on a regular basis.

Phil Rozenski is the Director of Sustainability and Marketing for Hilex Poly. Day to day Phil is responsible for new product development; brand management of environmental programs; public relations and community outreach programs. While at Hilex, Phil’s greatest product innovation has been the “Grey is the New Green” product line, the first successfully branded recycled content plastic shopping bag, which diverted 100s of millions of pounds of plastic from the national waste stream and continues to grow each year.

Mark Daniels is currently the Vice President of Sustainability & Environmental Policy for Hilex Poly. At Hilex, Mark is responsible for new product development, builds sustainability programs that meet customer and consumer needs and works with a number of trade organizations to advance sustainability efforts across the retail and plastic industries. Mark also sits on the Board of Directors for the California Extrusion Film and Converters Association, the Florida Retail Federation and Texas Retail Association.

Deb Conklin is the Chief Operating Officer at Hilex Poly. Deb’s role at Hilex includes managing the overarching production and quality of products, as well as ensuring that operations are lean and efficient as possible. Most importantly, Deb serves as a leader and mentor to plant managers at all nine manufacturing and recycling facilities across the country. Prior to joining Hilex in August 2011 Deb was the Senior Field Operations Advisor of one of largest global investment firms.

Don Lundberg is the Director of Manufacturing Services at Hilex Poly. In this role Don oversees all of Hilex’s manufacturing operations. Don has been in senior operations management roles for the past 13 years in the plastics packaging industries.

Chris Dickson is the Operations Manager at Hilex Poly’s recycling plant in North Vernon, Indiana. Chris has more than twenty years of experience in the plastics recycling industry. The majority of Chris’ plastic recycling experience has involved the HDPE bottle recycling sector, but in the past seven years his focus has changed to the more challenging aspect of film recycling.

Lewis Shipp is the Director of Engineering for Hilex Poly since July of 2011 and is responsible for technical support and capital management. Prior to joining Hilex was a senior leader in operations and engineering roles for Consolidated Container Company, a producer of rigid plastic blow molded containers.

Be sure to check back for updates from Hilex Poly and learn more about our commitment to providing packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly, create value for the customer, have excellent quality, and provide superior service.