Guests and Milestones of Hilex Poly

About two years ago, I had the pleasure of giving a great group of bloggers a tour of Hilex’s recycling facility in North Vernon, Indiana.  The bloggers had the opportunity to see the plastic bag recycling process at the world’s largest closed loop plastic bag recycling facility and meet a few of the employees who make it possible. Since my last post about the tour, Hilex has experienced other great moments at our facility in North Vernon, as well as our other facilities across the United States.

As my colleague Phil Rozenski wrote in a recent blog post, Hilex celebrated a milestone of having more than 32,000 collection bins in 45 states through our Bag-2-Bag Recycling program. As a result of our program and efforts of responsible consumers, Hilex was able to process more than 79 million pounds of plastic film including the 22 million pounds of plastic that is processed annually at our North Vernon facility.

In the past year, our facility in Carrollton, Texas, has hosted more than 30 individuals representing nearly 20 local businesses and organizations for a behind-the-scenes look into the plastic bag manufacturing and recycling process (you can read my colleague Mark Daniels’ blog post about the eco-tour right here). We have an “open door” policy for any local groups who want to stop by our facilities and learn about the plastic bags manufacturing and recycling process.

It’s great to know that a growing number of people care about plastic bag and film recycling, and are turning to Hilex for more information about the process. Thanks to the great work that is happening at our facilities, we are making better products and developing solutions to recycle and reuse plastics. Stay tuned to this blog to learn more ways we are developing new products and solutions at Hilex Poly!