Back to School: Investing in our Future

By now, it’s likely that you have prepared your little one with all of the things they need for a brand new year of school. While I’m sure their teachers have prepared their lesson plans, there is one topic that you can teach your children about: plastic recycling.
Children are our future, therefore educating them on the importance of recycling is an investment in the future. As adults and parents, it is our responsibility to educate today’s youth on how to properly dispose of plastics and diverting waste from landfills—especially plastic bags that can be recycled into other useful items or reused.
Hilex employees have made teaching the community about the importance of recycling a priority by attending local eventswelcoming college students into our facilities, and even providing elementary students  with items explaining each step in the plastic bag recycling process. While we would love to participate in other events and speak to more youth about plastic recycling, we can’t speak to everyone. This is why we need your help.
Have you encouraged your children’s teachers to discuss plastic recycling or brought the topic up at a PTA meeting? Doing so can benefit our children and the environment. You can still encourage the education of plastic recycling without being a parent by encouraging city leaders to seriously consider and promote the importance of plastic recycling.
Have you spoke out about the importance of plastic recycling before? Tell us how by posting to our Facebook wall.